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Bill of Rights

which consist of the first
10 Amendments to the


of the
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What you should always remember is that the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, is a document which details the limitations on the Federal government and NOT limitations on citizens, and furthermore - perhaps more importantly - that the Bill of Rights does not actually create any rights but is instead intended to protect those natural rights that exist regardless of law or government.


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Without the rights to Life, Liberty, & Property, you can't have "Faith, Hope, & Charity."


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Blog by Supreme Court lawyers regarding various SCOTUS cases. Very informative not only about the cases discussed but also the inner workings of the SCOTUS.


US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud
Shows how usage of key words and phrases has changed in the Presidents'
speeches and writings over time, from 1776 through 2007.


Ted Nugent On The 2nd Amendment
Uncle Ted is one of the staunchest, most unwavering defenders of the 2nd Amendment out there, and this short clip of an interview with him is one of the most succinct, clear statements by him or anyone else on this topic tied to the concepts of concealed carry in specific and freedom in general.


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